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The Paint Brush Protector (PBP) was designed by a painter for painters.

Foil, plastic bags, paper, and ineffective plastic covers are what we, painters, use to protect our
most valuable tool - our paint brush. Every professional skilled tradesman has a way to store
his tools. Now, so do painters!

The PBP is designed with ease of storage and transportation in mind. The high density, high impact resistant
plastic material that encases your paint brush feral and bristles protecting them from falls and
also helps maintain the traditional shape of the bristles (keeping them from puffing out).
This sleek design allows you to transport your brushes in your pocket, bucket, canvas bag,
drawer, or any other space saving means without damage to the feral or bristles!

You can now leave your brushes in any type of fluid media over night or longer, with no DEFORMITY to
the bristles!!! (Depending on the fluid media it may aide in clean up due to the extra soak time of
the brush.)

The patent pending wear band / productivity guide gives the painter at a glance the productivity
level of his or her brush! (Due to use, the bristles break from wear and tear and after a certain
point are normally trimmed off, or they are trimmed off early because they protrude out loosing
productivity of the brush. As the bristles break, they are kept from protruding by the PBP via the wear
bands / productivity guides, prolonging their trim till they are past their productive point also
saving the bristles in the long run from early trimming.)

The cost of the Paint Brush Protector is about 30% the cost of a semi professional paint brush!!!

US patent # US 8,157,091 B2, and US patent # US 8,657,107 B2

Key things about PBP


Can leave a paint brush in fluid media over night or LONGER with no deformity to the bristles!!!!
 (see information page)

Very easy to transport and store paint brush, with no damage to bristles.

Green Product 
PBP can be reground and reused in the MFG of the PBP


Family owned business.

Invented by a professional painter for professional painters.

Can measure productivity of the brush!

Retains the natural shape of the paint brush bristles.

Protects bristles and feral of paint brush from damage from most falls.

Design of PBP (Paint Brush Protector) promotes painter to safely hold the handle of the paint brush when opening the paint  brush protector,  there by reducing the chance of dropping the paint brush while opening the PBP.

Design of PBP allows for great air circulation for drying of paint brush while maintaining the general shape of the bristles.

Design of PBP allows for quick draining of all types of fluid media from the PBP as its pulled from the fluid  source.

Can store paint brushes in boxes, drawers, containers, your pocket, canvas bags, buckets or any type of storage device  and your paint brush will be safe.

Material: Certified High-Density, High Grade, Impact Resistant Polypropylene excellent for all applications like Commercial Construction, Automotive, Military, Manufacturing etc.

I get a higher grade of material at a cheaper price!

Molds and Parts made in USA

Anti Slip / Locating pad : available for complete vertical storage and transport of paint brush. 1 added FREE per order!
World's 1st and ONLY Patented wet or dry storage Paint Brush Protector (PBP)

More than just a Paint Brush Cover!