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Correct usage for the PBP wet or dry storage

1.Wet Storage: Put Paint Brush with excess paint removed from the paint brush into an opened PBP, pulling handle upwards toward the top of the PBP seating the brush firmly against the top of the PBP, close, then put into fluid media (ie paint, water, thinner etc,.).  Make sure the fluid media is not deeper by about 1/2 inch or so from the top of the slots on the PBP.  If you completely submerge the PBP in paint, it will be messy and not needed as you only need enough paint to cover the part of your paint brush that you normally paint with. You can then leave in PBP in fluid media OVER NIGHT or longer if desired with no deformity to the paint brush bristles, and when taken out the paint brush will be loaded and ready to paint with if stored in paint and if stored in water, clean up will be easier!

1a. when lifting the PBP out of the fluid media to clean or reuse the paint brush in the fluid media, lift up the PBP, tap a couple times against inside of paint can to drain of excess fluid, wipe off excess fluid media from out side of PBP, open PBP and put brush back into fluid media, then toss the PBP in container of water and shake vigorously submerged in water to remove paint, pull out PBP n wipe off or let air dry.

2. Dry storage: if Paint brush is new and unused, Place paint brush in opened PBP. Slide handle of paint brush to the top of PBP so the Paint brush seats firmly against the top of the handles shoulders on the PBP--close.

2a. If the paint brush is used, clean paint brush and remove excess water or thinner. shape brush bristles with hand, making sure all bristles are together. open the PBP place in paint brush and slide handle of paint brush to the top of PBP so the Paint brush seats firmly against the top of the handles shoulders on the PBP--close. 

Non Slip / Locating Pad

1. When applying the Non Slip / Locating pad for the first time, peel paper from adhesive backing from pad and place sticky side down on the inside of the bottom of the PBP above the slots about ¼" or so. (The bottom is the side the paint brush rests in before you close the lid; it has the high walls on its sides.) 

******NOTE******* When leaving PBP in can of paint over night it is recommended to cover open can of paint and paint brush that's inside the paint can with the PBP on, with a thin plastic cover with elastic around it to keep paint fresh as it seals the air out from the paint.