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1.Protects Bristles and Feral,  Dramatically extending the life of your paint brush!

2. OVER NIGHT STORAGE or LONGER: Wet (in fluid media, ie. water, paint, thinner etc.) and  dry.  (also helps to retain over all shape of bristles, keeping them from puffing out) 

3. Ease of transport

4. Productivity Guide / Wear Bands 

5.Low Cost

6.Material: High Grade, High Density, High Impact Resistant, Certified Polypropylene

7.Go Green! Green product. 
 PBP can be reground and reused in the MFG of the PBP

Made In America
World's 1st and only USA Patented  wet or dry storage Paint Brush Protector (PBP)
 Anti-Slip / Locating Pad
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More than just a Paint Brush Cover!
US patent # US 8,157,091 B2, and US patent # US 8,657,107 B2